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ABC Training Institute, LLC

Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc.

BioCare Medical, LLC

BioMed Valley Discoveries, Inc.

BioStorage, LLC

Canon US Life Sciences, Inc.

Champions Oncology, Inc

City College of New York

Columbia University Medical Center

Denovo Biotechnology

Howard University

Institute for Human Virology


Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

KeraFAST, Inc

Maryland State Government

National Institutes of Health including NIA, NIAMS, and NIDCR

Neurophage Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Novaseek Research Inc.

ParagonDx, LLC

Sidco Inc.

Theranostics Health

University of Maryland,Baltimore

University of Pennsylvania


The Veterans Affair Maryland Health Care System (VAMHCS)

Wayne University


" Just an FYI and kudos to you! I was able to pull these specimens and scan them for retrieval. The whole process took be about 4 hours which I hope to streamline, but much better than the days of old" -TY, NIDCR

Awarded NIAMS contract as a Sole Source. "Due to the limited number of businesses available to provide these services, and high quality of services offered by BioStorage Lab Services, we are recommending this order be awarded to them." - GI, NIAMS

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