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Cell Biology-Molecular Biology-Proteomic Products
CPR-First Aid-AED Certification
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Featured Services and Products

FFPE Tissue Blocks

Histology Services

Services included:  

 -Routine Histology and Cryotomy
-Special Staining and Immunostaining (IHC/IF)
-Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)
-In Situ BrdU Cell Proliferation and In Situ Apoptosis (TUNEL)
-Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization (FISH)
-FFPE/Cryotomy for 2D/3D or Organoid Culture Cells
-DNA, RNA and Protein Isolation from FFPE Samples

CPR Certifications

CPR Certification

Certification classes include:


-First Aid

-Bloodbourne Pathogens

-Basic Life Saving for Health Professional

-Babysitter Training

-Wilderness First Aid

We also offer review and challenge courses.

Changes due to COVID

Hybrid courses will offer an online portion and a shorter in-person class. COVID protocols for CPR training are followed.

Abbkine Antibodies-USA Distributor

Antibodies, Compounds & Kits

USA distributor for TargetMol, Visual Protein, and Ontores Biotechnologies


-Compound Libraries

-Hybrimore, Hybridoma Growth Factor


-ImmunFast Adjuvant