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ExtractPRO™ Protein Extraction Reagent 
ExtractPRO™ Protein Extraction Reagent can effectively collect protein sample without using protease inhibitor 
 VisPro 5 min Protein Staining Kit
 VisPRO™ 5 Minutes Protein Stain Kit utilizes imidazole and zinc ions precipitate in the gel and reveal the protein position in only 5 minutes. 
Hybrimore, Hybridoma Cloning Factor *
 HybriMore™, Hybridoma cloning factor  can provide necessary growth factor during cell culture and increase the cloning efficiency hybridoma cell. 
Reg $210.00
 ImmunoFAST Adjuvant Kit
ImmunoFast™ Adjuvant  can efficiently elicit significant immunoresponse and induce high amount of IgG production in a very short time. 
 LuminolPen, HRP System*
LuminolPen™, HRP System is a perfect tool for chemiluminescent detection in Western blot. With simply writing on the pre-stained marker, the position of the molecular weight can be showed on the image.;100 membranes
 IEF Optimizer
IEF optimizer. IEF salt meter + voltage-hour calculator (registration card)
Mini Plus PlasmidDNA Extraction System
Mini Plus Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit, 50 preps 



LentiBright lentiviral
LentiBright lentiviral particals (luciferase construct)